Rwandan music and dance will illuminate London this weekend, as three of the country's top musicians entertain guests at the Rwanda Day 2013 in what promises to be a massive event.
Slated for Saturday, the event will see famous Rwandan cultural music singer Intore Masamba and R&B stars King James and Knowless serenade multitudes of fans from London and its environs.

The musicians lined up for the event are expected to bring out their best, considering the experience they have of staging top-notch gigs.
Knowless, née Jeanne d'Arc Ingabire Butera and James Ruhumuriza, known by his stage name King James -- who are probably novice in the industry compared Masamba -- have been receiving rave reviews following their famous songs, such as Pala Pala for King James and Nzaba Mpari by Knowless.

Seasoned performer and one of the best cultural artistes of all time, Masamba is one of the few musicians who are usually composed when on stage. Usually he lets his music speak for itself. From the time he ventured into music, he has staged several live gigs, and has not disappointed.

Masamba has been around and seen it all. He performed at last year's Rwanda Day that was held in Boston. But for King James and Knowless it is the first time the two have been invited to perform at the event.

"I am thrilled to be part of this year's Rwanda Day and I am very prepared to give Rwandans living abroad the show of their life. They should come prepared to enjoy every bit of the night because we have a lot in stock for them," said King James.

Rwanda Day is an annual event held in different parts of the world. It brings together Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to celebrate the country's progress and discuss ways they can best be part of Rwanda's socio-economic transformation.



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