Kuwa Kabiri tariki ya 7 Mutarama 2014, mu Bwongereza mu mujyi wa Coventry, ihuriro ry'Abanyarwanda bibumbiye muri "West Midland-Rwandese Community Association" (WM-RCA) batangije ku mugaragaro ibikorwa byo kwibuka Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi ku nshuro ya 20.

Iki gikorwa cyaranzwe no gucana urumuri rw'icyizere rugomba kuzenguruka igihugu cyose rukazabagera mu mujyi wa Birmingham kuwa 12 Mata 2014, ahazacanwa urumuri rw'icyizere ku munsi nyamukuru w'icyunamo ku nshuro ya 20 ku banyarwanda baba mu Bwongereza.

Ibikorwa byo kwibuka ku nshuroya 20 byatangiye i Coventry muri West Midland bizarangwa no kuvuga ku mateka yaranze Jenoside muri Mata 1994, kwerekana filime zitandukanye zivuga kuri Jenoside, gutegura ibikorwa byo kwibuka hirya no hino mu mijyi itandukanye igize igice cya Midland, muri za kaminuza zitandukanye zo muri ako karere nka Birmingham University, Coventry University, University of Warwick, ndetse no gutanga ubutumwa bw'icyizere.

Rwandans and friends of Rwanda living In West Midlands gathered on December 28, 2013, in order to say good bye to old year and welcome and celebrate the new year 2014.

A get together party was organised by West midlands Rwandese Community Association (WM-RCA) and held in the city of Coventry. Around 300 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda leaving in West Midlands attended the party. His Excellency High Commission of Rwanda in UK, Mr Williams NKURUNZIZA was also present as our guest of Honour .

The chairman of WMRCA Mr Bosco Ngabonzima , explained to the audience the benefits of working together as a community to sustain ourselves. He concluded by wishing everybody a happy new year 2014.
His Excellency High Commission of Rwanda in UK, Mr Williams NKURUNZIZA called on everybody to promote a good image of Rwandans in UK. Rwandan community should work hard to sustain themselves and our country. By doing so we will be building Rwanda and its image and it's dignity said His Excellency Mr Williams NKURUNZIZA during the party.

Despite a windy and rainy day, this morning Rwandans living in the West Midlands and surround area woke up to cast their vote for Rwanda parliament elections this Sunday the 15th of September 2013 which was held in the city of Coventry in west midlands.

The poll station was open from 7.00 AM, people started to come in one by one until 12 o'clock where it start to become very busy as a massive number of Rwandan Diaspora turn up to vote their parliament.

His excellence, the high commissioner of Rwanda Mr Williams Nkurunziza was present to encourage the Diaspora to vote.
Altogether the vote was fairly conducted and peaceful, the polling stations were closed at 3pm as expected .

We thank you all for your attendance and help during the election. A lot of news for you from us Follow us on our facebook:htps://www.facebook.com/wm.rca



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