West Midlands Rwandan Community Association (WM RCA) was founded in 2005 as a charitable organisation.

Since its inauguration in 2005 the community has continued to grow its membership and its membership is now well over 500 people.

The objectives for which this association is established are:

To promote the benefit of the peoples of the Rwandese Community in West Midlands without distinctions of sex or political, religious or other opinions by associating the local authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in common effort to advance education and to improve the physical and economic conditions of life of the Rwandese community in West Midland.

To promote culture of the Rwandese community through literature, music, art and dance and work toward establishing a Rwanda Community centre to facilitate this in which we will work towards better understanding between Rwandese people.

Aspires to develop a cohesive and well integrated Rwanda community in WM-RCA

First point contact for Rwandan coming in WM-RCA

Provides Kinyarwanda,French,Swahili,interpretation wherever or whenever needed

Keep the Rwandan culture alive by organizing culture events

Encouraging Rwandan children's to learn their own language and culture

Advice and support for Rwandan community in WM-RCA

The formation of an environment that will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum.

Enhance awareness through an information network/bureau in relation to employment education, housing, immigration and other social issues such as information to placement and job opportunities.

Provide Support, help and advice to the survivors of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

To promote commemoration events and secure that everybody is aware of the official dates to show respect for the lost loved ones

To run seminars as often as possible, for the victims to express and identify .their needs and obstacles of everyday life, in order to solve them efficiently

To Support the younger children and young adults in their hobbies, studies and talents

To teach the youngest members about Rwandan history and the genocide 'Never again' strategy.

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