wmrca nchairThe West Midland Rwandan community association elected a new executive committee during their annual general assembly Saturday 26 November 2016.
The electoral committee chaired by Godefroid Seminega and seconded by Bosco Ngabonzima and Liliane Tebuka Bizindavyi convened and presented the election procedure and presented all the posts to be elected for the WM-RCA committee.
Bosco Mugengana was elected as the new chairperson, replacing Bosco Ngabonzima.
The newly elected committee members are :
Bosco Mugengana who was elected chair of WMRCA
Alain Nkusi was elected Vice Chairman
Oswald Manzi was elected Secretary and Media Communication
Margaret Gasana was elected Treasurer
Leonard Julien Mutangana was elected Youth and mobilisation
Gender, Culture and welfare: Nadine Keza and Mary
Alai Binga was elected as Diaspora commission while Ghislain Ntezimana (Rukara), Jules David Mucyo and Evelyn Kankindi where elected as Financial Auditorsnewcommittee


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