1.Opening remarks/Welcome


3.Minutes of previous AGM

4.Matters arising from the Minutes

5.Presentation of Annual Report (Chair/Secretary)

6.Adoption of Annual Report

7.Appointment of Auditors/Independent Examiner(Trustees)

8.Election of Management Committee

9.Motions to be put to the AGM

10.Closing remarks

1.Opening remarks/Welcome

Chairman of WM-RCA
Appolinaire Kagaruka delivered a speech to opening the AGM and welcome the
members of community.


Individuals who have been unable to attend apologise by sending messages read out and recorded and a
general apology from chairman to all members of community for any problems or misunderstanding happened during his time.

3.Minute of Previous AGM

As usual copies of the minute placed and handed to the members attended
4.Matter arising from the Minute

Chair asked the matter to be arising: some good proposes raised and adopted.

5.Presentation of Annual Report(Chairman)

Chairman of WM-RCA Appolinaire Kageruka presented and delivered speech explaining what committee
have done during their mandate, more things have been done including:

1.2010 Exhibition
Presenting Rwanda Past Now and Future in Birmingham Drum centre

2.Rwanda Genocide Against Tutsi Commemoration every year

3.Participating in Rwanda culture day organised in Suffolk including youth activities like sport(Football)

4.Participating in Rwanda Presidential election

5.Hosting and participating in Agaciro Fund Development in UK

6.Organising Rwanda culture day in west midland

7.Participating in Rwanda day UK

In summery numerous achievement have been reached now it time set the aims and target for the new committee to be elected in AGM

6.Adoption of Annual Report

All members attended have adopted and agreed to the annuals report some raised some questions which have dealt and find solution on place.

7.Appointment of Trustees

As some proposes and issues agreed to be dealt and find solution in place some propose have been dealt and members of community get their right to choose appoint the trustees of community. A lot of names comes up and members agreed to 4 names of them which will be the trustees of community are:

1.Bishop Jonathan Ruhumuriza

2.Pastor Jack Bishweka

3.Maman Patricia Bamurange

4.Dr Jeff

Some issues have been solved in place others are still ongoing and will be handed to new committee to find a proper solution.

8.Election of Management Committee

Referring to our constitution which Providing the guidance on the election of committee including the length of time they should serve each individuals person who attended the AGM, Rwandan belong in WM-RCA and eligible wishing to stand in any post have been given equal right to present his/her candidature to any post and time to tell and present to community member what his/her will do in another world to present his/her plan.

After very Cleary explanation the chairman of community and all his Committee hand over the power to the person who chaired the election committee organisation who take over and ordering to start cast vote accordingly the post.

The Election was free and fair. The members of committee cast their vote

After all members finished to cast their vote the following people who get more 50% of the vote have approved by members and chairman of election organisation:

WM-RCA Chairman :Bosco Ngabomnzima

Vs Chairman : Appolinaire Kageruka

Secretary: Odille Bushongore

Treasury: Hadji Mbabe

Diaspora: Albert Niyonzima

Welfare Youth, Culture: Leonard Mutangana

Gender: Juliette

Media Communication :Oswald Manzi

9.Motion to be put to the AGM

Motion have been put to the AGM all thing agreed during AGM have been received and handed to the new chairman of Community.

10.Closing Remark

The new chairman of community delivered a remark speech asking the support of all members of community and to help the committee to implement and honour all proposition agreed in AGM

He promised to do utmost to justify the faith community members of WM-RCA have placed in him.

Closing thanking all the people who attended for their precious time which show how they are committed and care to the own community.

Chairman :Bosco


genocide-2In 1994, over a million peoples, Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in just 100 days. This massacre occurred while the international community closed its eyes. read more...



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